The new '65' registration plate is now out - order now for early September delivery. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the Citroen Dispatch L1 H1 (90ps), lease from just £141 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Fiat Fiorino vans in stock ready for a very quick delivery, from just £109 +VAT month on a 5 year Lease. JUST ARRIVED: we have a large batch of Fiat Doblo vans - Huge savings available, from just £119 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details. GREAT DEAL: We have a batch of Citroen Nemo vans in LX and Enterprise specs with a choice of colours, lease from just £112 +VAT per month. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the Nissan NV200 1.5 DCi (90ps) SE in White, Silver, Black or Grey (some with AC), from just £127 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Citroen Relay vans in stock ready to go. Choice of L3 and L4 in standard and Enterprise specs - range of colours - Huge savings available, from just £169 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details.
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New 65 reg plate

The new '65' registration plate comes out on Tuesday 1st September 2015. We've pre-ordered hundreds of our most popular vans ready for delivery in early September, give us a call on. . .

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We have a large batch of the award winning Fiat Fiorino van available at our lowest ever rental of just £109 +VAT a month. They are. . .

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We've got 100 small vans in stock ready for a very quick turnaround. Take advantage of our bulk buying power to grab an amazing deal on these great small vans.

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Latest Offer From TOYOTA

Take a look at the range of affordably priced Toyota vehicles we have on offer below. We want to ensure you get the perfect van that meets your business needs and with our helpful and knowledgeable team at the end of the phone we will be able to achieve this. 

Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer which is based in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. It was founded by 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda and although well known in its own country was not very famous in the west until much later on. Toyota for some people was the first Japanese car of which they were aware and with their very western styling based on Rover and other marques but with more competitive pricing, they soon became very popular indeed. In the van world, they have definitely made their mark and perhaps are more obviously compared with the French makers than the Japanese, having quite a lot of models to choose from. Toyota van hire from Global Vans comes with all the options they offer, contract leasing, finance lease or hire purchase, depending on your business model.


Reliable design for over fifty years

The Dyna has been in production in various guises since 1959 and is now assembled in Taiwan and Portugal. There have been various versions since its first appearance, with the most recent model having made its appearance in 2002, although there have been various refinements since then. The Dyna is very popular with gardeners and builders because the driver position makes a very long load possible in a relatively short vehicle. There are various versions of the basic Dyna available, including a dropside and topper. The engine is quite large for the body size which gives it good load capacity and there is a particularly large area of view for the driver, which is excellent if you are working in a tight space. Global Vans are very confident that this reliable workhorse will not need its emergency courtesy car cover – but of course it is offered just the same!


You just can't break a Hilux...

The Hilux has been available in various versions since 1968 and it is now in its 8th generation version, new for 2015. It was tested to virtual destruction by Top Gear and even they could not totally destroy it, hence its nickname of the ‘Indestructible Truck’. A brand new version is coming shortly, with very well-kept secret innovations – if you are dying to know what they are, a Global Vans adviser will be able to help you. One thing they won't have changed though is the very easy to drive five or six speed gearbox. The Hilux is one of those iconic vehicle with which everyone is immediately comfortable – from its ease of loading to its ease of driving, it is a great choice for anyone.


... and you can't roll a Proace!

Just as reliable and instantly recognizable on the road, the Proace comes in various engine sizes, with two wheelbase lengths and two roof heights. This makes it the perfect panel van for almost any application – make sure you know all about your potential load before contacting Global Vans, where one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers will be happy to help you. The payload is potentially huge at 1.2 tonnes and with air conditioning and Bluetooth capability as standard, you and your passengers will have a very comfortable ride. Electric vehicle stability comes as standard and this can be invaluable when on uneven ground or if you have a load which it is difficult to centralise – this is a rare feature in vans on the market at the moment and is something to consider if your work takes you off road. The Proace is a great van for anyone who needs to carry large amounts long distances, because it is so comfortable for both driver and passengers. Too often the comfort of the people is sacrificed for the sake of payload capacity, but you can trust Toyota to ensure that this just won't happen.


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