NEW '66' REG PLATE - Thursday 1st September 2016 is the launch date for the new '66' registration plate - We've loads of vans in stock ready for the new reg, order now for delivery in early September. NEW DEAL: We have a batch of VW Caddy & VW Transporter vans, lease a new VW Caddy from £119 +VAT or a VW Transporter from £199 +VAT. NEW DEAL: We have a batch of Renault Trafic SWB Business+ 120ps in White - Lease from £162 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Citroen Relay vans in stock ready to go. Choice of L1, L2, L3 and L4 in Enterprise spec - range of colours - Huge savings available, from just £159 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the new shape Citroen Berlingo Enterprise in 75ps and 90ps engines, lease from just £109 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details.
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New 66 reg plate

The new '66' registration plate comes out on Thursday 1st September 2016. We've pre-ordered hundreds of our most popular vans ready for delivery in early September, give us a call on. . .

Stock Specials for a very qu

We’ve got over £2.2m worth of new vans in stock ready for a very quick turnaround. These are all brand new vans pre-registered on the 29th July. . .


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Latest Offer From LAND ROVER

Take a look at the range of affordably priced Land Rover vehicles we have on offer below. We want to ensure you get the perfect van that meets your business needs and with our helpful and knowledgeable team at the end of the phone we will be able to achieve this. 

When it comes to iconic vehicles, Land Rover is certainly up there with the greats. Most people who are really passionate about cars and vans have hankered after a Land Rover at some point in their lives and of course for those who are keen on the Royal Family, they are their car of choice! Off road or in the city, they deal with all kinds of terrain with ease and are to be seen all over the world, coping with sand dunes in the desert or swamps with equal aplomb. You really can't do anything to faze a Land Rover so if you need a rugged vehicle to help your business along, call Bristol van hire company Global Vans to see which one would suit you best. A Land Rover is certainly one of those brands which says a lot about you, even with no corporate livery. Prices for contract hire start at just over £200, so it isn’t as expensive as it looks. Have a chat with one of Global Vans' experienced staff, who can talk you through all of the leasing or purchasing options.


A brand that says so much about your business

Land Rover models are instantly recognizable and as such bring a cachet of their own. Land Rover van hire is easy through Global Vans and you could be driving away in one in days. There are two basic models, the Discovery and the Defender. Of the two, perhaps the latter is the most recognized because it is the one the police and army use, but both are fabulous cars which drive like a dream and simply soak up the payload. The secret is the seats, which fold down flat and level with the floor so you can carry people and things in literally any combination, using, for example, one of the rear seats and with the rest as a flat loading surface. This means that it can be used for delicate cargo which needs to be monitored.


Simply not equal

Many vans on the road which are very different inside nevertheless look alike to a quick glance and in many cases turn out to have basically the same manufacturers – an example of this would be Iveco and Fiat. The Land Rovers however have no equal – any business using one immediately stands out from the crowd. If your business takes you on to rough terrain, a Land Rover hire vehicle will be a brilliant solution, because both models come with the ability to tackle slopes and slippery surfaces with ease. This isn’t to say they don't perform well on roads and in towns – manoeuvrability is one of the Land Rover's best attributes, so you can go from country to city without a murmur. Some models of the Defender can be made into a flat bed and as such are very popular with farmers and other rural businesses, but this would be equally an answer for an urban builder – the Land Rover really does have something for everyone.


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