NEW '66' REG PLATE - Thursday 1st September 2016 is the launch date for the new '66' registration plate - We've loads of vans in stock ready for the new reg, order now for delivery in early September. NEW DEAL: We have a batch of VW Caddy & VW Transporter vans, lease a new VW Caddy from £119 +VAT or a VW Transporter from £199 +VAT. NEW DEAL: We have a batch of Renault Trafic SWB Business+ 120ps in White - Lease from £162 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Citroen Relay vans in stock ready to go. Choice of L1, L2, L3 and L4 in Enterprise spec - range of colours - Huge savings available, from just £159 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the new shape Citroen Berlingo Enterprise in 75ps and 90ps engines, lease from just £109 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details.
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New 66 reg plate

The new '66' registration plate comes out on Thursday 1st September 2016. We've pre-ordered hundreds of our most popular vans ready for delivery in early September, give us a call on. . .

Stock Specials for a very qu

We’ve got over £2.2m worth of new vans in stock ready for a very quick turnaround. These are all brand new vans pre-registered on the 29th July. . .


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Latest Offer From ISUZU

Take a look at the range of affordably priced Isuzu vehicles we have on offer below. We want to ensure you get the perfect van that meets your business needs and with our helpful and knowledgeable team at the end of the phone we will be able to achieve this. 

Isuzu is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, founded in 1916, which rather gives the lie to the idea that Japanese cars are rather new in automotive terms. Their cars are now manufactured in Malaysia, Egypt, Tunisia and Portugal and all of the Isuzu D-Max models available from Bristol van hire specialists Global Vans are UK-supplied. Depending on where in the world you are, the D-Max is called variously Chevrolet Colorado, the Isuzu KB or the Isuzu LB amongst other names - a testament to its international appeal. Several body types are available from Global Vans, so make sure you know exactly how you will be using your new van when you have your chat with the friendly and experienced representative. Various pricing and leasing options are available, starting from surprisingly little per month.


All the fancy bits on board!

Some people expect a van cab to be a little bare and basic but if this is you, prepare to be amazed when you drive the Isuzu D-Max. When you opt for Isuzu van hire, you get all the extras you might previously only have expected in a top of the range private car. With an eight speaker entertainment system, Bluetooth connectivity and an iGenie navigation system built in, the passengers can really ride in style and with six people being very comfortably housed in the crew cab version, this can make all the difference to a long journey. Parking sensors are also standard on some models and this has proved very popular, preventing the small dings and bumps which vans in particular are rather prone to, especially if the work takes them to more restricted areas. The Isuzu D-Max is a cost effective van hire choice too, with no down payment and prices starting from under £230 per calendar month. For anyone watching cashflow and who wants a van for all terrains, this is a very good one to consider.


The Isuzu takes the rough with the smooth

Some van manufacturers tend to forget that the vehicle is likely to be used in rougher conditions, but the D-Max is ready for anything. Unlike many other models from other makers, it has a very robust body and also a four wheel drive or rear wheel drive option, for getting out of sticky situations. Building sites are not known for being well paved and they are sometimes in out of the way places, so this van is an ideal choice for this kind of work. If you tend to do a lot of off-road work, it is a perfect choice but due to the attention to comfort in the cab it is also ideal for long-distance travel. In short, although Isuzu has only one van in its range, it does seem to tick all the boxes. Global Vans' staff are very knowledgeable about all the vans in their stock and this is particularly handy when discussing a make which is not so familiar to the general public, so if you fancy a D-Max, have a chat with one of our advisers.


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