NEW '66' REG PLATE - Thursday 1st September 2016 is the launch date for the new '66' registration plate - We've loads of vans in stock ready for the new reg, order now for delivery in early September. NEW DEAL: We have a batch of VW Caddy & VW Transporter vans, lease a new VW Caddy from £119 +VAT or a VW Transporter from £199 +VAT. NEW DEAL: We have a batch of Renault Trafic SWB Business+ 120ps in White - Lease from £162 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Citroen Relay vans in stock ready to go. Choice of L1, L2, L3 and L4 in Enterprise spec - range of colours - Huge savings available, from just £159 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the new shape Citroen Berlingo Enterprise in 75ps and 90ps engines, lease from just £109 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details.
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New 66 reg plate

The new '66' registration plate comes out on Thursday 1st September 2016. We've pre-ordered hundreds of our most popular vans ready for delivery in early September, give us a call on. . .

Stock Specials for a very qu

We’ve got over £2.2m worth of new vans in stock ready for a very quick turnaround. These are all brand new vans pre-registered on the 29th July. . .


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Latest Offer From HYUNDAI

Take a look at the range of affordably priced Hyundai vehicles we have on offer below. We want to ensure you get the perfect van that meets your business needs and with our helpful and knowledgeable team at the end of the phone we will be able to achieve this.  


Global Vans are one of the top Bristol van hire companies and stock a wide variety of vans at all times. Their experienced staff will be able to talk you through which van is best for your business and although of course there are some clear market leaders, such as Fiat, Ford, Suzuki and the rest, some of the less well known manufacturers can certainly pack a punch. One such is Hyundai, whose van the iLoads has a lot to offer. Global Vans stock and deal in so many vans that you can rest assured that anything on offer will only be top quality, so whether you opt for contract hire, finance lease, hire purchase or outright purchase, you can be sure that the best will only be providing the best there is.


The Hyundai iLoads

Hyundai are a Korean company perhaps best known for their cars, but their iLoads panel van is a very popular van hire choice with Global Vans. Coming with three seats up front as standard, Hyundai van hire is ideal for smaller teams who need to travel together to jobs. In business, being able to get everyone to the starting point together will all tools is like money in the bank – with no time wasted waiting for late arrivals, jobs are turned in on time and this only can be a good thing.

The cab is one of the quietest on the market and many of our clients have commented that this is a real boon to the long distance van driver, because the road noise is not so troubling. This also gives the four speaker stereo with iPad dock and steering wheel controls its best environment – for anyone travelling alone, entertainment is essential to prevent boredom and possible accidents through inattention.

Surprisingly manoeuvrable

The Hyundai iLoads is very roomy and is easy to load and unload, thanks to wide opening, glass-paned rear doors. An added feature is the well placed automatic courtesy lights which light all corners of the payload area, meaning that smaller packages can't be accidentally left behind. For a large van, the iLoads has a very small turning circle of 5.6m, a feature which Hyundai took especial pains with, knowing that one of the problems with larger vehicles is the relative bad manoeuvrability. Essentially, Hyundai has brought all the care and attention to detail they lavish on their cars to this van, without sacrificing the very competitive pricing. By taking advantage of Global Vans' various hire or purchase options, you could be driving away in your iLoads within days – contract hire is a perfect option for a business wishing to preserve its cashflow and gives all the advantages of maintenance and courtesy car but with complete flexibility. 


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