4 DAYS TO GO: The new '65' registration plate is out on the 1st September 2015, order now for early September delivery. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the Citroen Dispatch L1 H1 (90ps), lease from just £141 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Fiat Fiorino vans in stock ready for a very quick delivery, from just £109 +VAT month on a 5 year Lease. JUST ARRIVED: we have a large batch of Fiat Doblo vans - Huge savings available, from just £119 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - Call for Details. GREAT DEAL: We have a batch of Citroen Nemo vans in LX and Enterprise specs with a choice of colours, lease from just £112 +VAT per month. NEW DEAL: We have a great deal on the Nissan NV200 1.5 DCi (90ps) SE in White, Silver, Black or Grey (some with AC), from just £127 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details. NEW DEAL: We have a large batch of Citroen Relay vans in stock ready to go. Choice of L3 and L4 in standard and Enterprise specs - range of colours - Huge savings available, from just £169 +VAT month on a 5 Year Lease - call for details.
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New 65 reg plate

The new '65' registration plate comes out on Tuesday 1st September 2015. We've pre-ordered hundreds of our most popular vans ready for delivery in early September, give us a call on. . .

Our Lowest Ever Rental!

We have a large batch of the award winning Fiat Fiorino van available at our lowest ever rental of just £109 +VAT a month. They are. . .

100 Small Vans in Stock - Am

We've got 100 small vans in stock ready for a very quick turnaround. Take advantage of our bulk buying power to grab an amazing deal on these great small vans.

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Take a look at the range of affordably priced Citroen vehicles we have on offer below. We want to ensure you get the perfect van that meets your business needs and with our helpful and knowledgeable team at the end of the phone we will be able to achieve this. 

Not everyone comes to Global Vans knowing what they want, but they often have a make in mind. The staff at Global Vans are very knowledgeable about every aspect of van hire, so if you are in any doubt, have a chat before making your choice. However, many people do plump in the end for a Citroen, as their range of vans is among the most instantly recognizable on the road. For instance, for the occasional van driver, a Berlingo drives very much like a car, though its van body can hold a maximum payload of 885kg (a lot for such an apparently small vehicle). That’s weight – in size, it can hold two pallets, easily loaded through its asymmetrical rear doors. With access from the side too, the Berlingo is one of the best Citroen van hire choices for deliveries and pick up in town.


How to hire your Citroen van

There are several options when you contact Global Vans to hire the vehicle you need. First of all, of course, you should make sure you know exactly what you need your van to hold and where you will be using it. This essential information will mean that you can be sure you get the van you need. For example, in the case of Citroen van hire, you have the choice of the small Nemo, which is perfect for city driving and with low emissions, is the obvious choice for anyone watching their Green credentials.

Once you have settled on the van you want, you will need to decide what plan you want to use; leasing contract hire, finance lease or hire purchase. If you are a new business, you don’t want to tie up capital in buying a van or a fleet of vans, so hiring from Bristol van hire company Global Vans makes sense. Contract hire is the lowest cost option, as no balloon payment is added in, but it has all of the advantages of hire with maintenance, replacement vehicle and flexibility included. Just choose your package and you can be driving away in your chosen Citroen van very soon.


Why Citroen?

Citroen will be celebrating its centenary in a few years and although it isn’t the very oldest kid on the block, that is still some track record! A very recognizable name, many people will have driven a Citroen at some time and it certainly is a very comfortable drive. In most tables of reliability, the brand scores high and although it is a French manufacturer, its vans and cars are built in the UK in many cases and spares are easily available – not that that matters when you use Bristol van hire company Global Vans, because we will look after both regular maintenance and any sudden emergencies as part of the leasing agreement.



As well as the iconic Berlingo and Nemo, to be seen on any city street day or night, Citroen van hire is available in two bigger models, the Dispatch and the Relay. The Dispatch looks much like the smaller models but the Relay breaks the mould a little, while still being a typically robust and reliable Citroen van. It comes in four body lengths, three heights and is also available as a crew van – an essential choice if you need to move people as well as tools or inventory. The Global Vans staff will certainly steer you in the Relay’s direction if your work involves moving anything with lengths up to four metres and if it is heavy too this is definitely the van for you; its sill height is one of the lowest on the market at under 605mm.


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